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Javier Morell - Practice Manager

Phone:  781-312-9911

Take the first step to find support for yourself!

Javier has many years of administrative experience both as a legal assistant and medical support staff. He is here  to assist in gathering patient and billing information to help facilitate an appointment for the practice.  It will be helpful to have you fill out some initial paperwork before your visit. please inform Javier if you wish to have these forms mailed out to your place of residency.

Our office strongly adheres to maintaining your confidentiality and privacy.  


Meet Maya

Maya is a purebred Siberian Husky who has become my loyal companion in private practice. She can be best described as a friendly, docile and loving dog.  I have observed Maya provide affection, comfort and support to clients in distress.  Her loving and caring nurture has earned her the opportunity to become a registered therapy dog with the Assistance Dogs of America Registry.   

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